Sunday, February 24, 2013

... what just happened?


M:  Can I have more peanuts?

Me:  Yes, but just a few more - this is a snack and not a meal. [doles out a small handful of peanuts]

M:  Aaah!  I dropped a peanut on the floor!  And that's bad, because peanuts are good for you!

Me:  That's all right.

(A few minutes later)

M:  Can I have one more peanut?   Because I dropped one on the floor.

Me:  That's enough for now.

M:  Pleeeeeease?  PLEASE!  JUST ONE MORE!

Me:  You've had enough.

M:  NO!  NEVER! 

C:  Now, don't get yourself in trouble over a peanut.

M:  IF! YOU! DON'T! GIVE! ME! A! PEANUT! [thoughtful pause] I! WILL! MAKE! YOU! GO! AWAY!

Me:  [laughs -- sorry!  I couldn't help myself!]  You would make your dad go away over one peanut?

M:  Both of you!

Me:  No more peanuts.

M:  AAAAAAAAAAH!  [stomps to drawing table]

(a few minutes later)

M:  [all smiles] Hey, I drew a pirate!


The Murrays said...

That sounds eerily familiar...I thought boys were supposed to be less drama?

Rachel said...

Delightful!! I still laugh at my boys outbursts sometimes and they are seven!